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                    香港秋季燈飾展 – 展商要注意之特別事項:
                    HKTDC Intl Lighting Fair (AE) 2013 - Special Circular:
                    (1)展商不可自行拆走標準配備之射燈或電座. 如發現展商自行拆掉設施, 本局有權追究損壞設施之賠償費用. 本局將收回被展商自行拆除之設施, 不會給予發還。 
                    Standard HOA booth light setting and sockets cannot be relocated or cancelled by exhibitors themselves. Relocation or cancellation of standard facilities must be done by official contractors. Exhibitors are liable to any damage caused to their booth fixture and fittings at the fair. All dismantled facilities would be retrieved to HKTDC and would not be returned back to exhibitors’ booth.
                    (2)基於香港的安全條例, 插頭或電線接合, 必須包括:火線,水線,地線。
                    The electrical appliance used by the exhibitor on-site should be complied with the electrical safety requirements. E.g.: 3 pin plugs and all electric wire should contain “Earth” “Line” “Neutral”
                    Please note the maximum weight of exhibits (Lights) that the ceiling beam and the whole booth could bear. Lights should be installed and distributed evenly.
                    如果攤位圍板/橫樑加高到 3.5m高,基於安全理由: 
                    Please note the following points if booth height is increased to 3.5mH
                    Maximum height of booth is 3.5mH
                    All Exhibits and light settings should be installed under 3.5mH.
                    >攤位內的設施可移除,但公司牌 (名稱/位置/設計) 都不能更改。 
                    Standard facilities could be removed under request before ordering deadline. Frontage design and fascia could not be changed or cancelled regarding to exhibition rules.
                    Exhibitors’ exhibits or their booth decorations could not get beyond their rental booth area.
                    Booth supporting materials and ceiling beam could not be removed or relocated without HKTDC approval 
                   (4)請注意基於結構或現場設施存貨量, 本局有權拒絕增加 / 更改攤位設施之要求。HKTDC reserves the right to reject any on site facilities request if it affects the booth structure. The onsite facilities ordering will be available while stock lasts.  
                    HKTDC would not provide below services onsite. They are only pre – ordered before 1st ordering deadline ( 16 SEP 2013 )
                    •天花木板或木工板開洞 (Wooden light panel order with/ without holes drilling at the top above ceiling beam)
                    •攤位加高至3.5米 (Raising booth height service)
                    •蓋黑布封攤位頂部 (Covering black cloth service at the top of the booth)
                    •美工輸出 (Artwork output)
                    •特別訂製之設施 (Special tailor made size or special material facilities order)



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